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ON DEMAND - Pulse Oxisensor SMART Value Analysis Success Model (SMART1)

Best Practices – Fast Savings Strategies – VA Study Protocol – Cohort Benchmarks

This has been a 10 year journey for me in documenting, improving and gaining the buy-in of clinicians throughout the healthcare industry and showing them how to dramatically reducing costs and keeping them sustained. All while maintaining or improving the quality of pulse oxisensor reads and most importantly, giving some precious time back to clinicians that they were wasting in dealing with the endless amounts of Oxisensors in their healthcare organizations. These strategies, tools and methods will work universally from very small community hospitals to very large university teaching and specialty hospitals.

>>Learn the Top 12 Proven Best Savings and Quality Improvement Strategies from Actual VA Studies
>>Gain Insights in How to Analyze Not Only the Price of the Oxisensors Products but to View the Utilization Like You Have Never Seen It Before
>>View a Value Analysis Case Study that Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Savings with Pulse Oxisensors
>>Learn How to Gain the Buy-In from Your Clinicians
>>Learn How to Overcome the Normal Objections and Excuses Why Pulse Oxisensor Costs are Running High
>>Utilize a Quick Spreadsheet Tool to Analyze Your Oxisensor Costs in the Short and Long Terms to Sustain Your Gains

TRAINER - Robert W. Yokl, Sr. VP Operations, SVAH Solutions - Over 25 Years of Healthcare Value Analysis and Supply Chain Experience
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