Value Anlaysis

How to Evaluate Clinical Evidence (V403)

Clinical Evidence is Only As Good As How Your VA Team Utilizes It

There is need in the healthcare value analysis world to make decisions using evidence based peer reviewed information for our value analysis studies. With the great numbers of evidence providers and reports available to value analysis and supply chain professionals there is the challenge of which evidence is the right evidence for our value analysis studies? This program will give you a system that will help guide you through the maze of clinical evidence to ask the right questions to make the right evidenced based value analysis decisions.

Learn how to find the best evidence for your value analysis study

Understand the Clinical Evidence Checklist Matrix to fast track you evidence evaluations

Learn the steps for creating your own evidence when there is little or no quality evidence available

Find out where the clinical evidence falls into the value analysis project continuum

Learn how to ask good questions that will reveal important positives or negatives about your clinical evidence

Trainer - Robert W. Yokl, Sr. VP, Operations - SVAH Solutions - Over 25 Years of VA & Supply Chain Experience
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