Value Anlaysis

Strategic Value Analysis Process for VA Teams (V303)

Proven Over 31 Years in the Healthcare Industry with Hospital Clients Throughout the Country

Value analysis is engine that we use to drive our all of the waste and inefficiencies in our healthcare supply chain. We will share with you a 6-Step Value Analysis Funneling Process that will allow anyone to successfully complete a value analysis project without being a subject matter expert with great results. This system is based on the classic tenants of value analysis but customized for the supply heavy healthcare environment.

Learn how to organize and stratify all of the information that comes with a value analysis study, what is meaningful and what is not

Understand the critical success factors between price, quality and cost

Learn how to understand Benchmarking as one of your best tools for value analysis success

Follow the classic functional approach to better understand your products as they relate to your customers requirements

Learn how you do not need to be a subject matter expert on every product you analyze

Become skilled at asking quality value analysis questions to speed along your knowledge and investigations of any and all products, services and technologies

Trainer - Robert W. Yokl – SVAH Solutions (Over 25 Years of VA Experience)
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