Value Anlaysis

ON-DEMAND VIDEO - Employing a Total Value Analysis Program (VA200)

There are many aspects to value analysis in the healthcare industry. These range from new product/technology assessments to cost reduction to utilization management. Most healthcare organizations can leverage one or two of these areas to some degree of success. To enhance your program to an advanced total value analysis program in the future, organizations must be able to maximize all the major components of value analysis. By deploying a total program that uses evidenced based strategies, tools, and techniques, you will move beyond just vetting products/technologies and contract conversions. Expect a whole new level of controlling and managing costs, all while maintaining and/or improving quality of care.

===========The main components and competencies gained from this training are: =====================

>Understanding all the key advanced strategies of total value analysis and why you need to incorporate these into your program today.
>Gaining the buy-in of senior leadership that this is the right thing to do because the benefits will far outweigh not engaging in these advanced value analysis methods
>Learn how to develop a simple yet highly effective strategic value analysis plan that will shape the future success of your value analysis program for the next 3-5 years
>Learn what tools and techniques are available and can make your job easier while gaining better, faster and sustained results.
>Find out where your best sources of evidence are that cost you little or nothing that can enhance every aspect of your new total value analysis program.
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