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Unlock the Secrets to Your Value Analysis Success (113)

How do we gain back time and advance our programs in this frenetic healthcare value analysis world?

Like any value analysis professional's we must not only maintain our existing value analysis program but we must take it to new levels of improved quality and outcomes while dramatically reducing supply costs for our hospitals, systems and IDNs. Our world is filled with ever changing objectives and initiatives which inevitably come along with even bigger collaboration, savings and quality goals attached, all while adding to our already incredibly busy workloads. When do we start to get some of that precious time back?

How do we make ourselves and our programs better without sacrificing the edge that we have fought so hard to achieve today?

What we have found over the past 30 years while working with hospitals, systems and IDNs throughout the country has been, for the most part well functioning value analysis programs in place. But the key to the success of any program once it has been in place for a period of time is to look for small incremental improvements to take the program to higher levels. This webinar is geared toward giving you the simple, yet proven, best practices that we have been successfully utilizing with our clients for the past 30 years. These have been fine tuned and enhanced to ensure that whether you just started your value analysis program last year or have had it for 20 years, you can take advantage of these valueable best practices in this webinar.

==========KEY MAJOR BENEFITS =============

>Improve your value analysis game while saving time, all while increasing savings and quality results as well
>Take advantage of the best visual, planning, benchmarking and team management strategies and tools available today
>Gain buy in at all levels with just a few tweaks to your Value Analysis approach while advancing your collaboration and voice of the customer advantage
>Learn the difference between a value analysis process versus a value analysis process (not a mistake!)
>Learn how improving your team dynamics will greatly enhance your workflow, collaboration and overall value analysis study results

==============WHO SHOULD WATCH THIS ON-DEMAND WEBINAR=============

>Value Analysis Professionals
>Clinical Resource Professionals
>Supply Chain Managers, Directors and VP's
>Financial Managers and Directors
>Value Analysis Consultants
>Value Analysis Team/Committee Members
>Physicians Involved in Value Analysis
>Group Purchasing Leaders, Staff and Technicians

=============YOUR LEADERS FOR THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR=============

Over 65 Combined Years of Healthcare Supply Value Analysis Experience

Robert W. Yokl, Sr. VP, Operations and Robert T. Yokl, President and Chief Value Strategist
SVAH Solutions, Skippack, Pennsylvania

=================BONUS POINTS ADDED================

After we had the Powerpoints slides already set for this program, we realized that we had a few more really outstanding best practices to share in addition to the original seven. Instead of displacing any of the original seven which would be an incredible loss of great information to you, we decided to add the additional best practices at the end of this program as bonus. With VA the way it is now, you need all of the professional advantages you can get immediately, not later.
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